[FHCx361] National Candy Cane Day


Before ironically becoming the go-to pseudonym inspiration for porn actresses everywhere, candy canes were meant as a call back to the good shepherds who hung out with Baby Jesus back in the day. Allegedly, they started in Germany like 400 years ago when a choirmaster needed some sort of sugary distraction to get noisy church kids to shut up. Who knew?

This probably isn’t how they did it in 17th-century Cologne, but check out this neat video on how candy canes are made:


The candy cane we acquired for today’s celebration broke immediately, as candy canes do. Then AK found a tiny one at work, plus we thought to use this as an excuse to eat a minty Hershey bar. Yay!


Tomorrow is National Fruit Cake Day.


[FHCx338] National Peppermint Latte Day


Opened up the e-mail this morning and got this:


Well this makes our job easy.



Li’l candy-cane bits on top!

On the whole, it did taste like coffee. So there was only so much of it that SP wanted to drink. But the modern age of making coffee more of a home to sugar and various syrups, you could hardly call this coffee.

Tomorrow is National Cookie Day!


[FHCx50] National Chocolate Mint Day

50/366, can you believe it?


With Girl Scout cookies abounding these days, it’s hard to turn down a box of Thin Mints. But as all people focused on losing weight will tell you, sometimes you really have to weigh the consequences and decide if it’s really worth it to buy a box. You can make a donation the troop directly, though, if that is the source of your guilt.

We decided to use the leftover Peppermint Patty today to get to our chocolatey minty. We handed it over to SPom and she whipped up these amazing brownies. Brownie mix, lightened up, with a little bit of peppermint extract in the batter. Then, distribute the bits of peppermint patty. We were all pleasantly astonished at how well the patty melted. They were so, so, so good.

2016-02-19 20.00.56

2016-02-19 20.04.08

The extra-dark pieces in there are the remnants of the patty.

AK really loved the gooey inside, and SP especially liked the crisp edges’ contrast. SPom really works wonders, doesn’t she?

Tomorrow is Cherry Pie day!


[FHCx42] Peppermint Pattie Day

TODAY IS PEPPERMINT PATTIE DAY as you may have heard.

Is there really any other kind than good ol’ York? There is. It’s called Pearson’s, they make them right here in Minnesota, and they were among the first peppermint patties produced in the United States (by Trudeau Candy Co., another St. Paul-area candy producer which was later acquired by Pearson’s. They also made the Seven-Up Bar, if anyone remembers that!). Peppermint patties seem to have originated in and around the United Kingdom area long before they were ever made here. York didn’t get on the scene until the 1940s, but there’s no doubt that they are the most well-known. If we’re gonna be “mainstream” about this one, we’ll at least do something fun!

2016-02-11 19.32.29.jpg

There are two in the package! Each one is half a pound!

If you’ve ever been to Target before/during/slightly after the holiday season, you’ve likely seen the giant candy they sell. We knew Peppermint Pattie Day was happening soon, so we took advantage. They are the size of a human face.

2016-02-11 19.33.14

No, we didn’t eat the whole thing. SP had 1.3oz (weighing and measuring is our friend!) and AK had one bite. Perhaps we’ll use the leftovers to bake/give away. Any ideas for us? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page!

Tomorrow is Plum Pudding Day!


[FHCx8] English Toffee Day

We’ve made it one whole week! Can you believe it?


While perusing around the local Lunds & Byerlys – and let’s face it, it will always be either just Lunds or just Byerlys – SP found himself digging through the holiday clearance and found ourselves a little Christmas miracle. Is clearance becoming a theme for us?

Regardless, we found some “artisan” peppermint English toffee, just in time for our holiday! Rather than rush out and find some sort of master of English toffee, we decided to settle on store bought. But hey! It was a deal!

2016-01-08 16.30.19

2016-01-08 16.31.53

Thankfully, not too minty. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the toffee-y.

Toffee is always a hit or miss with me (SP) because it has to be at the perfect balance of crunch and chew. And don’t get me started on bits in my teeth. I’m saving those for later.

Sometimes you just need a sweet chew! So go out and grab some English toffee while you still have a chance!

Tomorrow: Apricot day!