[FHCx264] National Punch Day/National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Like an 8-year-old boy’s dream,


You may have noticed that yesterday we didn’t preview today as PeppyPeepza day, and that’s because we honestly did not know. None of our sources had it listed, and SP received an e-mail from Pizza Hut with some something-or-other promotion regarding #NationalPepperoniPizzaDay. Go figure. So we made sure to pop one of these out of the fridge to enjoy!


It’s really good, actually.

Anyway, a good thing to go with your pepperoni pizza is some punch. We did not know this, but punch is actually a loan word from Sanskrit. Can you even believe that? It means “five,” because it was a drink that had alcohol, sugar, lemon, water, and tea. Definitely not what we think of these days. Maybe the water/sugar part…

But without going overboard, we used a water flavor enhancer thingy.



Rum optional. We like it without.

Sweet sugar rush without all the sugar! Phew!

Tomorrow is National Pecan Cookie Day! (And SP‘s birthday…)


[FHCx110] National Garlic Day/National Amaretto Day



If SPAKville was a TV show, garlic would be in the main cast. Not a recurring character, but like a full-fledged, contracted-per-season actor. And he’d be the one that everyone liked working with. A lot.

We put garlic in and on everything. Pizza, pasta, stir fry, burgers, vegetables, everything. And we should definitely make a nod to The Stinking Rose, our favorite garlic-based restaurant, located on the West Coast. Everything from their Bagna Cauda to their garlic ice cream is fantastic. We wholly recommend you go sometime.

Tonight we celebrated twofold: with some homemade pizza, and with some home-roasted garlic thanks to cousin SPamy’s Chanukah gift for AK.

2016-04-19 17.07.02

Garlic should go on top of the sauce to stay put, but under the cheese so as to give happy garlic surprises.

2016-04-19 17.21.35

Add cheese, mushbooms, umyums, and some Hormel turkey pepperoni

2016-04-19 17.29.36


2016-04-19 17.21.43

This contraption is amazing.

We finished up dinner and somewhat begrudgingly dragged ourselves to observe today’s alcoholiday. SPom supplied us with some Disaronno and we made a Bailey’s Vanilla Silk.

2016-04-19 17.46.272016-04-19 17.53.05

As usual, SP thought it was not that great and AK thought it was okay. Movin’ on.

Tomorrow is National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day and National Lima Bean Respect Day!


[FHCx76] National Artichoke Hearts Day!

Eat your heart out!


SPAK are often asked where we get our sources for these food holidays. Since we are a good couple and can cite our sources, here’s a few of the places we’ve gotten them:




Between the many online sources, it took a lot of cross-referencing to confirm dates. For example, this Friday is Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day, not to be confused with Oatmeal Cookie Day that happens later in the year. But some sources just don’t read carefully enough to post the nuances like that.

One of our print sources comes from Steff Deschenes and her book, Eat the Year (2014). Though sometimes she’ll write about one of the days while we celebrate both, it’s fun to see what tidbits she picks up! Today we learned about mafioso Ciro Terranova, a.k.a., The Artichoke King. Apparently this guy bought up all of the artichokes being shipped from the west coast to NYC, and then sold them at a huge profit margin. He used violence to coerce producers into being a part of his scheme. Fiendish!

While we thought about making entire artichokes to celebrate today, we instead took the opportunity to make some homemade pizza with artichoke hearts.

2016-03-16 16.55.02

These Green Mill pizza crusts are amazing. And super low calorie. A definite do-again for homemade pizza.

2016-03-16 17.01.49

All the bits that will go on our pizza!

2016-03-16 17.36.28


If you haven’t had artichoke hearts on pizza, let today be the day you try it! Again, homemade strikes again for healthier option. This should be essentially the same as your average 12″ pizza from Domino’s or Pizza Hut. But you could literally eat two of these pizzas that we made, and it would still be fewer calories than your regular chain pizza. Go SPAK!

Tomorrow is National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day! I think there’s some sort of Catholic holiday that goes along with that…….


[FHCx40] Pancake Tuesday/National Bagels and Lox Day/National Pizza Day



Alright. So a lot of days are rolled up into one. And you’re probably asking how and why, and most especially “how did SPAK handle all this?” Well we’ll get to that second part in a bit. Why is this day so overloaded? Two words: MARDI. GRAS.

That’s right, everybody puts together their own take on how to get fat on Fat Tuesday. While everyone else will be giving stuff up for Lent, SPAK doesn’t observe such holidays. But we do have to observe the somewhat-unreasonable binge celebration of the day before the self-affliction… just without the self-affliction.

Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Paczki Day, whatever you want to call it, is celebrated worldwide with a number of different variations. But pretty much all of them call on one specific thing: sweet, fried, doughy things. We decided to opt for the secondary name of the holiday, Pancake Tuesday, and made pancakes for breakfast!

2016-02-09 06.20.32

2016-02-09 06.27.17

Nothin’ like having an AK make breakfast for you on a busy morning.

We once again used the Kodiak mix from Blueberry Pancake Day to make sure that our morning was protein-fueled and under control calorie-wise. A really tasty breakfast!

The next challenge was putting together a dinner plan. How will the Jewish Bagels-n-Lox combat the Catholic Pancakes of our morn? And how do we get the Italians to weigh in?


2016-02-09 17.11.33

Bruegger’s Bagels (of course) with a bit of sauce, mozzarella, and some Hormel Turkey Pepperoni (an awesome item to keep around for nibbles!)

2016-02-09 17.15.57

Baked crispy and tasty. These bagels make awesome pizza bases.

2016-02-09 17.12.28

Nova Scotia Salmon Lox from Lund’s & Byerly’s and some Bruegger’s Light Plain cream cheese

2016-02-09 17.24.49

This is such a beautiful plate that I just can’t even.

Bruegger’s Bagels are some of the best that we have access to in the midwest. Unlike our fancy friends in NYC who have access to the real business all the time, we take our bagels as New York-style as we can. Throw on some shmear and lox and we’re a happy couple.

Frankly, today was awesome. We usually eat bagels twice a year: once on the Yom Kippur break-fast, and once on our family’s Memorial Day picnic. That really keeps us away from chomping too many carbs as bagels disappear quickly when in our presence. So getting to eat a bagel is treated very sacred. It was fun to put all of this together!

Tomorrow we’ll mellow out a bit and celebrate with some Cream Cheese Brownies!