[FHCx115] National Pigs in a Blanket Day

Rolled tastiness.


For many of these food holidays, there is a moment of wonder when we can’t be sure how something came to be. I mean, yeah, we get deep dish pizza’s evolution and such. But how did someone get so tired of pancakes/crescents and sausage that they had to roll them up into one bite?

Since it’s currently Passover, and we mostly observe the no-leavened-bread thing, dealing with days that have a bread item as the main focus is difficult. But thanks to ingenious Jews, we have a pancake mix that is kosher for Passover. (Honestly, that’s something we can’t understand. It’s like vegetarian things that look and taste like meat. If the whole point was not to do that, why do we spend so much effort to get the real thing that’s not the real thing?)

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Hooray! Rolled and eaten.

Tomorrow is Zucchini Bread day! Yeah. This one actually has “bread” in the name!