[FHCx149] National Brisket Day/National Hamburger Day

Somebody had barbecue on the brain…


It’s Memorial Day Weekend! Most of the people around here are probably out on their annual 3-day bender for no reason other than a Monday off work. And usually what goes along with warmer weather and time off is grilling, smoking, and barbecuing. We’ll see barbecue day on Monday, but today honors two very special meats.

Brisket. And this time around, we don’t mean Jewish-style oven-baked brisket. We mean fall-apart, super-smoky, spice-rubbed meat. Brisket is one of the best parts of cow to eat because it’s got the awesome layer of fat called the point. You smoke it point-side up so that the fat renders down into the muscley meat, called the flat. Thanks to the process of rubbing and smoking, it makes this beautiful red ring at the edge of the meat, just before the bark – the blackened outside from the caramelization of the spices on the outside. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to score the burnt ends, the chef’s secret of cooking brisket. In short, it’s cut up chunks of the point that aren’t served as part of the brisket.┬áBrisket is magical.

We got our meats today from Famous Dave’s, as Dave Anderson is one of our favorite now-local people of the Twin Cities. He is a suuuuuper nice guy, and he makes great food. Yes, we could have gone to local BBQ favorites like Rack Shack or Aesop’s Table, but we chose Dave for today. The others will get theirs!

2016-05-28 11.39.21

Two-meat platter to share!

2016-05-28 11.39.25

Look at that beautiful smoke ring! Tender and juicy and BBQy.

2016-05-28 11.39.51

The Dave’s Burger. BBQ Sauce on burgers is amazing.

So happy meat-filled meat day to us!

Tomorrow is National Coq Au Vin Day.