[FHCx353] National Roast Suckling Pig Day


Cultures across the world have all independently found that young pigs make for quite the roast. Pig is one of the earliest animals domesticated for slaughter, so it was only a matter of time before we figured out the age thing. Suckling pigs’ skin ends up being very tender and the meat is almost in a state of gelatinousness. Plus, you can roast the whole thing at once, because at 2-6 weeks of age, these guys aren’t too huge yet.

Well SP has been wanting to try the Fidel’s Capitalist Pig Roast at Chino Latino for a long time. Chino used to be the place for SP and his friends to go for late night happy hour ($1 tacos!) when he was still in college. Then he started having to get up at 6 in the morning and he didn’t get to go anymore. At the bottom of the menu, there was always this tempting item:

So we gathered up a total of 10 people and made plans for this pig roast. It was quite the party.


They even printed this up on the menus for us!



Banana for scale.



SP got to have the head. Cheek meat!!

Tender and terrific and lots and lots of leftovers. We had a lot of fun!

Tomorrow is National Oatmeal Muffin Day and National Hard Candy Day.


[FHCx314] National Scrapple Day

Scrambled apple? Screwed pineapple? Game of Scrabble?


Read the ingredients on this scrapple.


The Pennsylvania Dutch really outdid themselves with this dish. As many pork scraps as you can scrounge (pork heartheart?) and combine it with some cornmeal and flour to make a loaf. Then pan fry it so that it’s super crispy. It is considered to be an actual ethnic food of the Mennonites and Amish of the Eastern states. Crazy.

How the name scrapple? I don’t know. Where do you even get this stuff? We almost weren’t able to source any because the one place in the Twin Cities that made it, Tiny Diner, no longer does. Thanks again to Lund’s & Byerly’s for getting us some of this from the Jones crew.

Anyway, are you totally grossed out? We had to try it to be sure. And we actually found it to be pretty tasty. Like a breakfast sausage kind of flavor.



Frying pan on medium heat. Cook 8-10 minutes per side.


Crispy porkcornmealbits.

Tomorrow is National Vanilla Cupcake Day!



[FHCx253] National Wienerschnitzel Day

Bless you!


Can’t go wrong with deep fried meat, right? It’s the national dish of Austria, and it’s one of “My Favorite Things.” Butterfly-cut veal slices, super thin, pounded, and then breaded and fried. Good stuff.

Well, we don’t have a Wienerschnitzel (the chain) restaurant around here, so we had to get the real thing. And we had a few choices… Black Forest Inn, where we did Black Forest Cake a while back, but we didn’t want to do a repeat if we had another option. There’s also Gasthof Zur Gemütlichkeit, which was featured on Man vs. Food, but SP refuses to go there since they hosted a Nazi event in 2014. So we went with another local place, Bierstube.

2016-09-09 17.43.37.jpg

Wienerschnitzel with some of their Jaeger sauce, German potato salad, toast and asparagus

It was really good and we’d definitely go back. Thanks, Bierstube!

Tomorrow is National TV Dinner Day!


[FHCx247] National Welsh Rarebit Day/International Bacon Day


We know Harley Morenstein would probably be spending today bathing in a tub full of bacon. Bacon is amazing. If we had our way, we would be eating the bacon at Manny’s Steakhouse every day. It looks like this:

2015-05-16 18.30.33.jpg

They make it with Nueske’s pork belly. Bacon may be hyped up everywhere you go, and the words “applewood smoked” have started to just look like the word “the” as far as prevalence, but it has good reason. Today we had some at lunch at Mill Valley Kitchen.

2016-09-03 12.11.54

Alright. Raise your hand if you can name more than two Welsh foods. That’s what we thought. We don’t mean to be offensive. The UK has given us foods like Fish n Chips. Or has it? (Spoiler alert: Spanish Jews brought fried fish to England in the 17th century.)

Welsh Rarebit is one of those foods that people might know the name but not what it is. No it’s not Rabbit. Common misconception, as that was originally the name of the food. And the word “rarebit” has no other use in the English language than for Welsh Rarebit. It’s basically just a cheese sauce. It’s good! We used Alton Brown’s recipe.

2016-09-03 17.40.33

2 Tbsp butter

2016-09-03 17.42.59

Whisk in 2 tbsp of flour, then dijon mustard, worcestershire, salt, pepper, and a half cup of some Porter beer.

2016-09-03 17.43.55

Look at it go!

2016-09-03 17.44.53

Add 3/4 cup heavy cream

2016-09-03 17.45.01

Slowly whisk in some shredded cheddar (shreddar)

2016-09-03 17.55.31

Pour over toast! We ate it with steak.

A sentence that was said after dinner: “What else can we put this cheese sauce on?”


  1. Graham cracker was pretty good, actually.
  2. Marshmallow was not.
  3. Crackers were excellent, as you could imagine.

Tomorrow is National Macadamia Nut Day!



[FHCx165] National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

Baste your gizzards, for


There’s the old cliche which can be used in reference to quality cuisine: “Just like mom used to make.” SPom, as you may have seen over the past half-year of blog, is a font of cooking knowledge/experience with a large library of “greatest hits” recipes that have made (and will continue to make) many appearances during this Food Holiday Challenge. This day is not for her.

Rubbery potatoes au gratin.
Sahara-dry meat.
Burnt cookies.
A whole chicken cooked with the plastic bag of giblets still in it.

These are the feats of a true Kitchen Klutz, and there is no prouder Kitchen Klutz than AKma. Some people don’t care for the process of cooking because it doesn’t interest them, or they haven’t the time. Others (like AKmawould cook, but are admittedly not the best at it and, thus, do not enjoy it. So, as this day approached, we thought to ourselves: WWAD (what would AKma do)? Have someone else cook instead, of course!

Hide those oven mitts, because we’re going to Butcher and the Boar tonight!

2016-06-13 18.59.42

The Sausage Sampler. Wild Boar Hotlink, Texas Beef Link, and Berkshire Pork and Cheddar. Also pictured: a puddle each of barbecue sauce and mustard, some coleslaw, and pickled veggies.

2016-06-13 19.35.21

A lovely shareable side of Creole Cauliflower.

2016-06-13 19.33.32

Thick and buttery Texas Toast.

2016-06-13 19.33.21

And the main attraction… a beautiful Smoked Beef Long Rib with a Tabasco-molasses sauce. Also, more coleslaw.

Meat. Meat everywhere. And we didn’t have to make any of it! Kitchen Klutzes unite!

Tomorrow: National Strawberry Shortcake Day and National Bourbon Day.





[FHCx69] National Meatball Day/National Crabmeat Day

Another duo…


We didn’t put this one together into one holiday. For meatballs, SP tried out The Meatball Spot (doesn’t have a website?) at the Mall of America. Figured it can’t be too bad for meatballs if that’s in the name.

2016-03-09 11.15.34.jpg

Eh, they were meatballs.

For the second part of today, SP whipped up his classic crab salad for sandwiches.

2016-03-09 17.08.11

24 oz “crab meat”

2016-03-09 17.15.21

4 Tbsp Mayo, 2 Tbsp fat free plain yogurt, garlic, onion, and celery salt

2016-03-09 17.16.33

Green onions

It’s amazing. You really have to try it sometime. We serve it on toasted hot dog buns for the lobster roll effect.

Tomorrow is Blueberry Popover Day!


[FHCx67] National Cereal Day/National Crown Roast of Pork Day

Writing this while waiting for a concert to start… and finishing it now that the concert is over!


As SPAK are now on spring break, we had the opportunity to have a somewhat relaxed morning. And to kick it off we had some cereal. Honey Nut Cheerios.


The real treasure today was making this crown roast of pork. Neither of us had ever even seen one in real life until today. We picked up our meat from Von Hanson’s, a local butchery with an awesome selection and great prices. The hard part was just how long the process was to prepare one of these beasts.

The crown roast as it was given to us. The crown roast itself is a loin cut with bones in that is slitted and wrapped around itself to look like – you guessed it – a meat crown.


Herb paste made from rosemary, sage, thyme, garlic, salt, pepper, and 1/4 cup of olive oil.

Rubbed with the herb paste and sat into a pan with diced celery, onion, and garlic.

Make some pan sauce with wine and chicken stock. Bake at 450 for 20 minutes, then lower the temperature to 350 and let it go for 1.5-2 hours until it’s at least 145 inside.

Tada! Happy crowns.

This thing has made the house smell so damn good. We were able to share with a couple of SP‘s friends and they really enjoyed it as well. SP was really worried that he would overcook it, as pork is one of those meats that can turn not-so-good rather quickly. But it was juicy and just right. He was even a master carver! There are lots of leftovers, so I think we’ll be good for several days. Verdict: we would definitely do this again. Thanks, crown roast of pork day, for teaching us something!

Tomorrow is Peanut Cluster Day!