[FHCx288] National Dessert Day/World Egg Day

Today is two gross.


What better way to wake up than eggs AK-style? Make a couple super-runny over-easy eggs and serve on toast. Eggs around the world may be served differently, but this is SPAKhouse.




Ok. What to do for dessert… Well we left it up to chance actually. For SP‘s birthday, AK bought us tickets to go to a first-ever event held at St. Paul College, this thing they call their “Chef’s Dinner.” They brought the chefs from Revival and Surly, both restaurants of great repute in SPAK history, to oversee the culinary program students in creating a beautiful dinner. So we left it to them to provide us with dessert. But on the journey there, we have to share the following as well.



Oh there’s dessert! This cheesecake had mini sopapillas on top, and a fudge sauce made with cayenne pepper. SO good.

We loved it. It was super fun. We were glad to be part of it!

Tomorrow is… too much. National Cheese Curds Day, National Red Wine Day, National Mushroom Day, National Chicken Cacciatore Day, National Roast Pheasant Day. Oy.


[FHCx189] National Strawberry Sundae Day/National Macaroni Day


In Japan, today is Tanabata, the Star Festival. Basically, a galactic farmer is separated from his love, a cosmic weaving princess, and they get to cross the Milky Way once a year (today) to meet. How sweet, right? Well, what would two East Asian people have on a date? Probably Strawberry Sundaes and Macaroni and Cheese.

Our Mac ‘n Chee came from our trip to Revival yesterday. We got it to go at the end of our meal so we could enjoy it today. We love how peppery and real cheesy it is. Normally when served at the restaurant, it comes in a little crock with that golden brown on top that makes your heart melt.

2016-07-06 19.29.11.jpg

A nice small portion for us to share today.

After our dinner, before we went to see Swiss Army Man, we had our strawberry sundaes built from these very cute Haagen-Dazs minis.

2016-07-07 18.00.34

It’s a little less than half a cup of ice cream. Helps to keep the portion manageable.

2016-07-07 18.03.04

A heart for extra love.

Tomorrow is National Chocolate with Almonds Day and National Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Omelette Day.



[FHCx188] National Fried Chicken Day



Oh boy have we been looking forward to this day for a while! Sure, we’ve had plenty of exciting food holidays along the way, but this one allows us to really sell (as if it needed it) one of the local restaurants of Minneapolis that does fried chicken bestest: REVIVAL!

Now, to the Minneapolitans, Revival needs no introduction here. This place opened up a little over a year ago and has been packed since. With no reservations, and maybe seating for 40, you can expect to wait over 60 minutes to get a table for dinner. But there is very good reason for that.

First up, SP loves these fried chicken livers. They’re super luxurious.

2016-07-06 18.59.47.jpg

Like a tower of organs.

Ok, ok, maybe we didn’t sell you on this right away. Going with livers is pretty hardcore pretty fast. So let’s bring it back to the actual fried chicken. You can get your chicken done one of 4 ways: Southern Fried (classic), Tennessee Hot (awesome spicy level), Poultrygeist (made with ghost pepper), or gluten free (why). This is some of the best damn fried chicken you can get north of St. Louis.

2016-07-06 19.07.36

The Tennessee Hot

2016-07-06 19.07.41

And Southern Fried. With room for leftovers!

2016-07-06 19.07.43

And of course some hush puppies. Yes.

What a delicious food holiday! We don’t even need to go over the merits of fried chicken for this post. You already know.

Tomorrow is Strawberry Sundae Day and Macaroni Day!