[FHCx118] National Prime Rib Day

Primed and ready, because


There are a few days on this list that could easily be turned into gorging, making our bellies fat and our wallets thin. Prime Rib could have been one of those.

The Standing Rib Roast, as it is actually named, does not have to be of some sort of “prime” grade of beef. It also doesn’t have to come from 2, 3, 5, 7, or 11 ribs. It comes from the back of the ribs of the cow, and it is delicious. Rib eye steaks come out of this chunk of meat, but that’s with some of the fat removed, which is nuts, considering the marbling on a rib eye steak. Prime rib is the glutton’s steak. Its sole purpose is to be as fatty as possible, and it is SO easy to overdo it when ordering Prime Rib.

Most restaurants will name their prime rib not by actual weight, but often by a pseudonym to obscure how massive the cut will be. At the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco, you order either the City Cut, the English Cut, or the King Henry VIII cut. The Timberlodge Steakhouse (formerly, the Minnesota Timberlodge) serves up the Lena, the Ole, and the Lumberjack.

This evening we stuck around the local area and went to Axel’s. There, we ordered the “King” and split it in half. As SPom often says, your worst Weight Watchers day is likely still better than your best day of old. Yeah. We would have each gotten a King, with fries, and appetizers. But no! We are responsible adults watching our waistlines and wallets.

2016-04-27 17.03.38.jpg

“Gimme a steak. Medium rare.”

Super tender, herb crusted ribbiness. This thing is so easy to cut through and so easy to chew that it’s like it has its own cloaking device. It just disappears! It’s served with au jus and some horseradish, but damned if it wasn’t amazing on its own. You could even take some leftovers, slap it on a bun, and it would be on par with Maverick’s Roast Beef (when will we get to Maverick’s for SPAK?).

Anywho, tomorrow is Blueberry Pie Day.