[FHCx264] National Punch Day/National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Like an 8-year-old boy’s dream,


You may have noticed that yesterday we didn’t preview today as PeppyPeepza day, and that’s because we honestly did not know. None of our sources had it listed, and SP received an e-mail from Pizza Hut with some something-or-other promotion regarding #NationalPepperoniPizzaDay. Go figure. So we made sure to pop one of these out of the fridge to enjoy!


It’s really good, actually.

Anyway, a good thing to go with your pepperoni pizza is some punch. We did not know this, but punch is actually a loan word from Sanskrit. Can you even believe that? It means “five,” because it was a drink that had alcohol, sugar, lemon, water, and tea. Definitely not what we think of these days. Maybe the water/sugar part…

But without going overboard, we used a water flavor enhancer thingy.



Rum optional. We like it without.

Sweet sugar rush without all the sugar! Phew!

Tomorrow is National Pecan Cookie Day! (And SP‘s birthday…)


[FHCx229] National Rum Day/National Bratwurst Day


AK isn’t so much a fan of sausages, but SP could probably get his heart in trouble after downing a number of these cholesterol-laden German wursts. So because of both of those reasons, we don’t keep them in the house. (We don’t even own a grill yet after owning the house for a year. It’s a shame, really.)

But we did get these quintessential Midwestern brats thanks to Sheboygan, WI-based Johnsonville.

The “brat” in bratwurst refers to the fine chopped meat inside the casing

Pretty tasty. The smoked flavor goes a long way. We would have loved to get our hands on some Butcher & The Boar sausages today but it wasn’t in the cards.

Today also celebrates a pirate favorite. Used to be that rum was favored on ships because you couldn’t guarantee the water was safe to drink! What a time to be alive, scurvy and all that. Tonight for dinner we went to Forepaugh’s to celebrate a SPAKiversary, and the bartender made us this delicious Caribbean rum martini thing.

And now to really celebrate bratwurst day, we are going to subject ourselves to seeing the movie, Sausage Party. Oy.

Tomorrow is National Vanilla Custard Day!


[FHCx193] National Blueberry Muffin Day/National Mojito Day

Oh, that‘s what those blueberries were for!


Oh, man. Foresight. Wouldn’t that be cool. Instead we got some mini blueberry muffins!

2016-07-11 14.28.55.jpg

And then there was the quest for a mojito! We racked our brains for what Cuban food we could get with some mojito, but opted for something a little bit west of Cuba. Like, Mexican mojito. At La Casita.

2016-07-11 18.12.522016-07-11 18.13.52

It was citrusy and minty and very refreshing! As summer hit over 90 degrees with 100% humidity today, we were craving anything that gave the sensation of air conditioning while also experiencing air conditioning. La Casita delivered. It was also 1/2 price burrito day, which is like winning the G.D. lottery.

Tomorrow is National Pecan Pie Day!


[FHCx17] Hot Buttered Rum Day

It’s still negative degrees outside! What a perfect time for…


After the Hot Toddy debacle last week, we were a teeny bit scared of hot buttered rum. Neither of us drink very often so, before looking at any recipes, we were intimidated by the potential of a huge rum-to-everything-else ratio. But, it turns out the “butter” portion of the name rings incredibly true! Besides, rum is a lot easier to handle than whiskey. Most of the time.

Our original plan was to make grog, but then we found out that it’s not supposed to contain butter, thereby disqualifying it from Hot Buttered Rum Day. So, onto the next plan. First, there was the challenge of picking a recipe from probably thousands floating around on the internet. At first we were leaning toward an Emeril Lagasse recipe, but his called for an entire bottle of rum and we didn’t want to commit to that. In the end, we went with Rachael Ray’s recipe.



We followed the recipe for the most part, except for a few minor changes — we left out the cloves and cinnamon sticks because we didn’t have any and they seemed fairly nonessential, and rather than using regular unsalted butter we used the Land O’ Lakes light butter that we tend to use for most things.

2016-01-17 20.14.37

Pretty decadent stuff.

SURPRISE, it’s delicious. With all that sugar and butter, though, how could it not be? They are still pretty boozy but the rum itself is in the background compared to all the sugar and spice. While the recipe says it yields four servings, we just split it into two because we have really big mugs. We only ended up drinking about half, anyway, because it was just so sweet. Actually, thinking back on it, it tasted a lot like how I (AK) imagined butterbeer would taste. I know that butterbeer exists now because of Harry Potter World and whatever, but I always conceived of it as more of a smooth cocktail since beer is weird and carbonation hurts. Yeah yeah, I’m wrong and weird.

Tomorrow is Peking Duck Day!