[FHCx232] National Soft Ice Cream Day/ National Hot and Spicy Food Day/National Potato Day


We were cruising along at United Noodles earlier in the week, when SP found this staring at him from the shelf. Knowing we had two holidays coming up and both were listed on the package, we had to do it!

2016-08-19 09.58.38

That potato seems like he has something to say.

2016-08-19 09.59.01

Unfortunately, the chips weren’t hot or spicy. They tasted like regular barbecue chips. I guess Western taste in spicy is very different. We even had a zen moment where we remembered International Hot & Spicy Food Day, when we made an international dish… But just to make sure that we got something spicy, SP had a steak bowl at home with some Frontera salsa.

2016-08-19 16.53.15.jpg

After all of that hot and spicy, make sure that you have something to nullify at least a little. Thanks to Mythbusters, we know for sure that Milk (dairy) is best for neutralizing the heat. Soft serve was our way of doing that, and when we think soft serve ice cream cones, we think Conny’s. Barring that, some sort of fast food. McDougal’s McDonald’s it is!

 Tomorrow is National Lemonade Day and National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day.


Ice cream is great! Local ice cream is better.

This evening we went for a walk! The best part of the walk was the precious time spent together that we were going for ICE CREAM! Here in St. Paul’s North End, we’re fortunate enough to have two locally-run (and tasty!) frozen treat spots pretty dang close together: Dar’s Double Scoop, and Conny’s Creamy Cone.

Conny’s Creamy Cone

Conny’s is housed in a tiny little corner shopfront that screams “summer Americana.” With limited outdoor seating and a walk-up window, this is a March-October seasonal establishment. That just gives us all winter long to daydream about grabbing some creamy goodness and walking just a block or two over to Lake Como! It’s easy to make mediocre soft-serve, but Conny’s kills it with everything they do. They’ve got malts, they’ve got sundaes, they’ve got flurries — and we’ve personally never had it, but they’ve got non-dessert foods, too! It’s extra creamy, flavorful, and they don’t skimp on the fresh toppings.

Banana Cream Pie Flurry, and Turtle Sundae.

Banana Cream Pie Flurry, and Turtle Sundae.

One thing that Dar’s has on Conny’s is that it’s open year-round. It, like Conny’s, also serves non-dessert food… but, like Conny’s, we haven’t had any yet! Dar’s doesn’t do soft-serve, but that’s alright with us. There are 32+ flavors to choose from, and the usual cake cone/waffle cone/cup options. This is the kind of ice cream that doesn’t need toppings. A “small” gets you two healthy, firm, perfectly cold scoops that don’t melt all over the place. Plus, like all the best ice cream places, there’s a malted milk ball at the bottom of every waffle cone! Speaking of malt, the malts are as fantastic as you’d expect, with whipped cream and a cherry on top. We’ve gotta try that pizza sometime…

SP's Bear Creek Caramel/Zanzibar Chocolate in a waffle cone

SP’s Bear Creek Caramel/Zanzibar Chocolate in a waffle cone

AK is partial to cake cones. Maple Nut on the bottom, Rocky Road on top!

AK is partial to cake cones. Maple Nut on the bottom, Rocky Road on top!

Thanks for bein’ around, Con-Dar’s!