[FHCx272] National Strawberry Cream Pie Day/National Drink Beer Day


Beer. Ben Franklin’s BFF. With all sorts of varieties: hoppy, malty, dark, light, etc., there’s plenty to choose from. If you’re really cool, then you get to Surly’s Brewer’s Table where you can enjoy a delicious tasting menu with beer pairings. You won’t think of beer the same way. (We did this on SP‘s birthday and it was great!)

Today we celebrated by having this Sioux City Birch Beer. It’s not beer in the traditional sense, but it sure is in the title!

2016-09-28 19.47.12.jpg

AK‘s endorsement: “It tastes like benadryl!”

Well if beer isn’t your thing, maybe dessert is?

SP‘s “contact” at Baker’s Square says that currently Strawberry Cream Pies are out because strawberries are “out of season.” This is coming from the same place that serves strawberry-rhubarb pie to octogenarians year-long. Trips to the grocery stores nearby were not fruitful (or creamful) either. So we had to make it at home!

AK mixed up some strawberry Jell-O and some vanilla pudding, and made this little pie-lets. Top with strawberry and cream and there you have it.


Look at that beautiful color!


Decorated artfully.

Tomorrow is… ugh… Coffee Day…


[FHCx142] National Strawberries and Cream Day

A great pair!


Non-sequitur Starburst commercial aside, this holiday was just fine by us. We love to have fresh fruit in the house. And as we get closer and closer to June, the strawberries that are showing up in the grocery store are getting better and better. So we were happy to make an inverted Japanese flag out of today’s foods!

2016-05-21 19.44.372016-05-21 19.48.01

A very refreshing dessert without going overboard! Sometimes just a bowl of fruit will make you feel really good.

Tomorrow is Vanilla Pudding Day!


[FHCx88] National Black Forest Cake Day/Something On A Stick Day


There’s lots of foods to have on a stick. Corn dogs, cotton candy, pickles, or frankly anything at the State Fair. Today, to celebrate our wooden cylindrical utensil friends, we had some fruit on a stick!

2016-03-28 15.57.10

Mmmmm. Tasty fruit servings…

For Black Forest Cake, we couldn’t travel all the way to the Schwarzwald. Then again, the cake isn’t even really named after the region, so much as it is named after the liquor that’s named after the region, the Schwarzwalder Kirschwasser. It’s basically cherry shnapps. It’s hard to say no to any kind of chocolate cake/kuchen/torte. We decided on having dinner at the Black Forest Inn in Minneapolis where we could enjoy some schnitzel and cake. Look upon the beauty!

2016-03-28 19.07.39

Veal Schnitzel

2016-03-28 20.20.11

Cherry chocolate!

It’s not the kind of cake that turns you into a lederhosen-wearing beer swiller, but it is up there as far as flavor sensations. The cake and the cream go so well together, and the cherry bits add little bits of pop to the texture. It’s also a little boozey, which can be fun for some.

Tomorrow is another cake day, Lemon Chiffon Cake!


[FHCx81] California Strawberry Day/National French Bread Day

Two very geographic holidays…


Being in land-locked Minnesota means having little access to the greats of the world. To be fair, we have plenty to be produce to be proud of, such as the Honeycrisp apple which was developed at the University of Minnesota. But AK was missing home today when we had to observe California Strawberry Day without being in her home state.

At least Driscoll’s is based out of California…

2016-03-21 15.44.41

2016-03-21 15.44.15

Look at ’em red beauties.

Apparently California Strawberries are quite a big thing. SP was led to believe that California was only king of dried grapes. A big festival is held in California every March in honor of their strawberry production. Pretty cool, huh?

Our other geographical mismatch today is French Bread Day. And that could mean all sorts of things: a delicious pain de chef from a bakery on Rue Mouffetard, a pain de campagne that beats any sourdough here, or, in our case, a classic baguette. Eat it plain, eat it with a bit of butter, however you’d like. Just make sure you give a hearty “oh-ho-ho” in your best beret-wearing striped-shirt Frenchy impression.

2016-03-21 17.15.36.jpg

Tomorrow is World Water Day as well as National Bavarian Crêpes Day!


[FHCx58] National Kahlua Day/National Strawberry Day

Happy Saturday!


I didn’t know this before today, likely because I’m not an alcohol connoisseur, but Kahlua comes from Mexico. I guess I could have figured that it was some sort of South/Central American thing by the name, but maybe something from the Pacific? And why is it that it’s so integral to the White Russian, when Russia and Mexico have so little to do with each other?

Regardless, The Dude has inspired us to have a White Russian in honor of Kahlua day.

2016-02-27 12.13.28

Thank goodness for minis. Kahlua, Crystal Head, and some heavy cream

2016-02-27 12.18.01

Hooray for the Russki!

It was alcohol at about 12:30pm on a Saturday. I guess this is our life now. Thanks, FHC.

It’s also Strawberry Day: another day in a series of days that celebrate produce that should not at all be in season. In fact, I find it kind of amusing that these days, there are probably kids who just assume that strawberries “happen” all year. Why should they not? For that matter, there are probably kids who just assume all strawberries are deep red and perfectly ripe, because why would produce distributors lie about something like that?

That’s where Driscoll’s comes in. “We naturally breed berry plants to be more resistant to diseases and pests while meeting our quality standards for flavor and appearance. Our berries are never genetically modified or subjected to irradiation. Each year, we study thousands of potential varieties to choose the top 1% to farm and sell under the Driscoll’s brand name. It takes 5-7 years to develop a new patented variety of Driscoll’s strawberries.” Well, ok then! I’ll take some strawberries please.

2016-02-27 12.22.36

2016-02-27 12.25.35

My strawberry has a hat and AK is jealous!


SP: +1.8 pounds, total lost: 85.8

AK: +0.8 pounds, total lost: 25.0

Not a great week for SPAK, despite “doing the right things.” At some points in the weight loss journey, things get stuck and you really have to push through to get past the plateau. We’ll keep doing our best!

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Soufflé Day!


[FHCx36] World Nutella Day/National Chocolate Fondue Day

Oh so chocolatey…


The folks at Ferrero really have a hold on the world. I mean, it’s one thing to have delicious hazelnut chocolate truffles, but they’ve created a spread that is so prolific that anyone else’s attempt at it is “[X]’s Nutella.” So good on them for becoming part of the lexicon of brand words like Kleenex and Crock Pot.

We know, thanks to our 2dubs leader, that having a jar of Nutella around is dangerous. So we got a little to-go pack and split it four ways with SParents!

2016-02-05 18.43.19

A little bitta nutella

As promised, we hosted SParents for dinner. SP prepared steak and AK took care of the Cauliflower Hash Browns. It was a lovely dinner.

The most meaningful part of the experience, however, was the chocolate fondue. Fondue has been around a long time, with origins lying in Germany, France, and Switzerland that all intertwined into how we know it today. This particular format for fondue, using chocolate, was obviously the next logical step from cheese. After all, cheese and chocolate make for a terrific dessert.

The following pictures should sum up our evening nicely.

2016-02-05 18.41.062016-02-05 18.41.32

2016-02-05 18.43.39

Sweets that are good for dipping

2016-02-05 18.43.45

As usual, bananas proved most popular with our group

2016-02-05 18.44.31

The spread.

We had a lovely time splitting this chocolate fondue with SPamily. Sorry about the messy house, SParents!

Tomorrow is National Frozen Yogurt Day! Mmmmm.