[FHCx180] National Tapioca Day

Thick, starchy, weird stuff.


Just the word “tapioca” kinda gives you a weird feeling. It’s hugely popular all over the world for it’s starchy texture and flavor. Here, in the USA, most people associate the word with tapioca pudding: using tapioca with milk/cream to make a gritty, somewhat sweet treat. Not many people really like it. Even fewer in the UK, where it’s earned the name “Frog Spawn” and is “the most hated pudding.”

But SPAK, as millenials, associate tapioca with boba moreso than tapioca pudding. That’s right, we’re talkin’ bubble tea! Tapioca pearls!

2016-06-28 19.23.13.jpg

At Chatime you can give them a “sweetness percentage.” We set ours at a 50% sweet. They go up to 120%. What’s really important are the chewy boba sitting at the bottom. A great way to mix tapioca with summer treat!

Tomorrow is National Almond Butter Crunch Day!