[FHCx212] National Cheesecake Day

How many cheesecakes is this? C’mon…


Some people would be happy to eat cheesecake every day. There’s not much around here that really brings the boom when it comes to cheesecake, except maybe Muddy Paws, and that’s hard to get a handle on because of the advance ordering. We have come to find that the days where we get to make stuff or go to a fabulous local place are the days we like best. That being said, cheesecake. Archer Farms.

2016-07-30 21.17.57.jpg

Triple Chocolate.


Tomorrow is National Raspberry Cake Day and National Jump for Jelly Beans Day!



[FHCx191] National Sugar Cookie Day

Frosted or unfrosted?


We picked frosted, because if you’re going for sugar, you better be ready to go all out.

We spent today in Hudson with the SParents and no bakery around had any sugar cookies. So we resorted to what we’re used to: go to Target!

2016-07-09 16.08.36.jpg

Pink and sprinkled like a Simpsons donut

We each settled on having one and a quarter cookies. That was enough for us.

Tomorrow is National Pick Blueberries Day and National Pina Colada Day!


[FHCx174] National Onion Rings Day/National Chocolate Éclair Day

Today is good for your heart.


When faced with the choice of french fries, tots, or onion rings at a place like Blue Door Pub, your likelihood of popping a blood vessel increases tenfold. How can you say no to any one of those things? A bar staple, the onion ring stands up next to its fried buddies very, very well. SP has always wondered why onion rings are so different in different restaurants and here’s the conclusion:

Battered vs. Breaded. That’s it.

Breaded – Hand-coated with bread crumbs and deep fried. Crunchy and makes a fun mess. Often has bigger slices of onions than battered. Examples of Breaded that we love: Red Robin‘s Onion Tower, Tony Roma’s Onion Loaf, Timberlodge Steakhouse‘s Paul Bunyan Onion.

Battered – Battered, frequently with a beer batter and buttermilk, and deep fried. Very crispy. Examples of Battered that we love: Stout’s Pub‘s Onion Rings, George and the Dragon‘s Onion Rings, and The Hat‘s Onion Rings.

While we wish we could celebrate at all of these places today, here’s our sad attempt at eating onion rings:

2016-06-22 16.26.43

2016-06-22 16.28.14

Easier to manage and not overdo it.

We’ll have real onion rings again someday.

It’s also chocolate éclair day. If you haven’t had a chocolate éclair in a while, you’ve probably forgotten how amazing they are. It’s like having a cream puff without excessive mess (there’s still a mess) and with chocolate. What’s better? Very little. Profiteroles, we suppose.

Éclair means “flash of lightning” because that is the speed at which you are supposed to eat them! We tried to slow ourselves down for these.

2016-06-22 20.33.13

Everybody talks about how these Target éclairs are amazing. We had to try them.

2016-06-22 20.34.19

Bavarian creme filled

2016-06-22 20.34.22

Peanut butter.

2016-06-22 20.35.07


What a glorious day!

Tomorrow is National Pecan Sandy Day.


[FHCx153] National Olive Day/National Hazelnut Cake Day


Another very interesting holiday celebrating two very different foods.

First up, the olive. It’s perhaps the most Mediterranean thing we can think of. They just represent the flavors of the whole region, whether Greek or Italian or Persian… And from its amazing use as olive oil (you should always have some on hand) to stuffing them with stuff, you can do a lot with olives.

Luckily enough for us, our local Lund’s & Byerly’s has an olive bar that is uncontested in the area. Be wowed:

2016-05-29 12.02.30

Look at olive ’em!

2016-06-01 17.20.37

Here was our pick of the olives. Feta stuffed, garlic stuffed, Italian, and Kalamata. About to go sailing on a journey across the ocean to our stomachs.

After an easy dinner at home, we were able to celebrate the second part of today thanks to Target. Here’s the thing about hazelnuts. We’re fairly positive that if not for Ferrero, most of the US would not really know much about hazelnuts. Not like we know that much about the nuts, but as soon as you mention the word, people start dreaming up the flavor of Nutella. Well, Nutella or no Nutella, we had our hazelnut cake. In fact, we would recommend it. It’s very tasty and easy to share!

2016-06-01 19.36.29.jpg

Cute, right?

Tomorrow is National Rotisserie Chicken Day and National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day.


[FHCx108] National Cheeseball Day

It’s cheese… as a ball!


There was a bit of disagreement about what was constituted as a cheeseball. Two things popped into mind, so we decided on doing both of them.

Number one: Cheeseballs. The poofy kind. Namely, Utz came to mind. You know, Utz?

Well, at certain membership-based wholesale clubs, you can get a whole tub of Utz Cheeseballs. Though we could’ve celebrated with the classic, we used the Market Pantry option because… I don’t know.

2016-04-17 18.18.24.jpg

Because sometimes you need a pound of fake-cheese dust.

Number two: a cheese ball. Like, a ball of cheese. You see these at parties: a brie or something rolled up with some sort of nuts. The kind Jimmy Barrett (above) wouldn’t like. As SPAK definitely has a thing for goat cheese, we got a ball of chevre, covered it in some locally made honey – supplied by SP‘s friend SPalex’s regulars at his work – and a little bit of the leftover cinnamon pecans all crushed up. Serve with crackers!

2016-04-17 20.47.202016-04-17 20.52.32

So however you define “cheeseball,” happy cheeseball day!

Tomorrow is Animal Crackers Day!

-SPAK (reunited as a team)