[FHCx110] National Garlic Day/National Amaretto Day



If SPAKville was a TV show, garlic would be in the main cast. Not a recurring character, but like a full-fledged, contracted-per-season actor. And he’d be the one that everyone liked working with. A lot.

We put garlic in and on everything. Pizza, pasta, stir fry, burgers, vegetables, everything. And we should definitely make a nod to The Stinking Rose, our favorite garlic-based restaurant, located on the West Coast. Everything from their Bagna Cauda to their garlic ice cream is fantastic. We wholly recommend you go sometime.

Tonight we celebrated twofold: with some homemade pizza, and with some home-roasted garlic thanks to cousin SPamy’s Chanukah gift for AK.

2016-04-19 17.07.02

Garlic should go on top of the sauce to stay put, but under the cheese so as to give happy garlic surprises.

2016-04-19 17.21.35

Add cheese, mushbooms, umyums, and some Hormel turkey pepperoni

2016-04-19 17.29.36


2016-04-19 17.21.43

This contraption is amazing.

We finished up dinner and somewhat begrudgingly dragged ourselves to observe today’s alcoholiday. SPom supplied us with some Disaronno and we made a Bailey’s Vanilla Silk.

2016-04-19 17.46.272016-04-19 17.53.05

As usual, SP thought it was not that great and AK thought it was okay. Movin’ on.

Tomorrow is National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day and National Lima Bean Respect Day!


Alive and Eating Well

Man, it’s been a while hasn’t it? SP here, toward the end of October to let you know we are not dead, and we are still able to eat food. All is well in SPAKland. We just got really busy for a while moving into our new house. As we move forward, we’ll try to get back to blogging about all of our special foodings. We especially must take care, since we are only 68 days away from our challenge to observe and celebrate every single food holiday.

So for a brief post, I’d like to share with you a special homemade dinner that AK put together. On September 23rd, after a long wait, we finally completed our kitchen by having our counter installed. That meant the sink and dishwasher were hooked up so we could actually cook something in our house! AK decided one night that she’d gird her loins and make an awesome dinner comprised of three courses: 1) Caesar Salad, 2) Appetizers: Bruschetta and Bagna Cauda, and 3) A leftover steak from Lindey’s Steakhouse with some sauteed onions and mushrooms.

AK's Menu for the evening

AK’s Menu for the evening

I’ve decided that her bruschetta is one of her major talents after this meal. It’s so incredibly good. I don’t even like tomatoes, and this dish sings to me of sweetness and saltiness, basil-y and garlic-y all the same. Love it. And it’s a fruit and dairy serving!

The Bagna Cauda came as a recipe from The Stinking Rose, where we had gone for Valentine’s Day 2015. The cute nickname they give it is “Garlic in a Hot Tub.” You take an enormous amount of garlic, dump in 2 cups of olive oil, add a dab of butter, and lay down some anchovies. You bake it for a long time, which gets everything in the house smelling amazing. Then you can spread the garlic on a piece of bread and chow down. The garlic practically melts and turns to soft, garlic goo at a light touch. Because you only really eat the garlic part, we saved the olive oil that had marinated with garlic and anchovy for a later date.

The steak was great, of course, but made even more amazing from some button mushrooms and onions, sauteed with – you got it – even more olive oil and mushrooms. But the key is to avoid spilling too much oil on the veggies, otherwise their awesomeness will be too scared to come out. Just a teaspoon will do it.

As a weight update, AK is up to 28 pounds lost, and SP is maintaining around 91 pounds.

We’re looking forward to more adventures coming soon! We hope you are, too.