[FHCx263] National Butterscotch Pudding Day

Heehee, butt.


If someone could describe to use the difference between butterscotch, toffee, and caramel flavors, that’d be great. I mean, it’s all just burnt sugar and butter, right? Butterscotch is brown sugar? I suppose we could do some research but… we’ll just rely on this to make our pudding today.

Big brown mess

Tomorrow is National (Rum) Punch Day!


[FHCx181] National Almond Buttercrunch Day

Too easy to eat too many…


When we celebrated Buttercrunch Day in January, we had no idea where you could get just plain “buttercrunch” without the almond. Then, as it turns out, it’s basically just a butterfinger candy bar. Whatever. We had almond buttercrunch that day, and hell yes we’ll do it again! Just a different kind.

2016-06-29 14.14.522016-06-29 14.15.25

It has the rockhard outer shell (hence, “roca”) but that chewy, stick-to-your-teeth, sweet toffee inside. Almonds add a nice crunch without adding much more resistance. We could eat the whole bag. But we won’t.

Tomorrow is National Bomb Pop Day!


[FHCx20] National Buttercrunch Day/Cheese Lovers’ Day

Double the holiday, double the tasty!


First up, the buttercrunch. We searched for miles and miles to find some buttercrunch to celebrate the holiday, not even really knowing what it was. The closest we found was Brown & Haley’s Almond Roca, which claims to be “the original buttercrunch toffee with almonds.” Little did we know, Almond Buttercrunch Day happens to be June 29. So we are left to enjoy our almond roca as a tribute to buttercrunch, and we’ll find a different almond roca for its Summertime holiday!

2016-01-20 18.46.43

Little individually wrapped almond poops.

2016-01-20 18.47.07

Awesome crunchy coating

2016-01-20 18.47.30

Super powerful toffee insides

We’d eat buttercrunch again.

But not as soon as we’d eat cheese. We love cheese. Cheese in its many forms bring great pleasure to our household. We are so unpicky with cheese that we could go for some reeeeally stinky French cheese – so long as we didn’t have to drive in a car in 60 degree weather for several hours with the cheese sitting in there with us. We salute the cheesemakers and cheesemongers of the world, bringing joy to all the cheese-loving plebeians and kings alike.

For our holiday, we picked out a few cheeses to represent different areas of cheese making:

  1. An extra-aged Gouda (Rembrandt). Probably was our favorite of the evening. Gouda has a kind of dry texture, and has a bit of a fun mouth feel. Nutty and pleasant.
  2. A ten-year Cheddar from a small, local Wisconsin cheesemaker (Hook’s). Sharp and to the point. Definitely a good addition to the platter.
  3. A crumbly, perfumey Italian bleu (La Casearia Carpenedo). It was a very different type of bleu than the kind that Americans combine with hot wings. Strong in its own right.
  4. A chevre (goat cheese) from France (Chantal Plasse). Soft and creamy. Goat cheese is phenomenal, and goes well with all sorts of dishes.

2016-01-20 17.33.112016-01-20 17.48.22

A big thank you to the wonderful cheese crafters who made tonight possible!

Tomorrow is an unexciting Granola Bar Day combined with a very exciting New England Clam Chowder Day! We won’t be able to make it to New England by tomorrow, but we’ll do our best here.


[FHCx8] English Toffee Day

We’ve made it one whole week! Can you believe it?


While perusing around the local Lunds & Byerlys – and let’s face it, it will always be either just Lunds or just Byerlys – SP found himself digging through the holiday clearance and found ourselves a little Christmas miracle. Is clearance becoming a theme for us?

Regardless, we found some “artisan” peppermint English toffee, just in time for our holiday! Rather than rush out and find some sort of master of English toffee, we decided to settle on store bought. But hey! It was a deal!

2016-01-08 16.30.19

2016-01-08 16.31.53

Thankfully, not too minty. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the toffee-y.

Toffee is always a hit or miss with me (SP) because it has to be at the perfect balance of crunch and chew. And don’t get me started on bits in my teeth. I’m saving those for later.

Sometimes you just need a sweet chew! So go out and grab some English toffee while you still have a chance!

Tomorrow: Apricot day!