[FHCx238] National Banana Split Day/National Whiskey Sour Day



We don’t really get whiskey sour. Whiskey with a little bit of lemon and sugar just makes it taste more like whiskey. Eh. We were out to dinner with SParents at Pezzo and so we could give the rest of it to them!

2016-08-25 18.24.17.jpg

We did get to cleanse our palette with some stuff we love, though: ice cream! Ice cream summer never ends! Well, it kind of does pretty soon, but we’re in denial!

Invented in 1904, the banana split takes nature’s best fruit and pairs it with the best cold dessert. Here is the banana split AK made in its most beautiousness.

2016-08-25 15.26.32


2016-08-25 15.26.55


2016-08-25 15.28.19

Halo Top is great.

2016-08-25 15.33.09

Put the ice cream inside and cover in whipped cream

2016-08-25 15.33.19


2016-08-25 15.33.55

Some chopped pecans for fun.

We could probably eat these all day.

Tomorrow is National Cherry Popsicle Day!



[FHCx209] National Chicken Finger Day/National Creme Brulee Day/National Scotch Day



This is not the first time that there is a “national” holiday (in the US) for a definitively non-US item. While SP‘s friend SPalex loves scotch, SPAK treats it similarly to whiskey, bourbon, etc. and files it under the “alcohol is really hit-or-miss” category. In comes some Johnnie Walker Red Label, one of the only scotches to come in a mini bottle so we don’t spend money that we wouldn’t actually use.

2016-07-27 19.00.17.jpg

Now let’s get a little sweet. Creme Brulee is not one of the desserts that we’d find ourselves ordering over, say, a chocolate cake or a BCP (banana cream pie). However, it is good in its own rite and we’d be happy to have some to celebrate the day. It’s one of those ooooold French desserts that others tried to appropriate for their own. In fact, Trinity College in the UK was so well-known for their burnt cream – with theirs having the college logo branded into the top – that they had to issue a statement saying, “we didn’t invent this.”

We know Lund’s & Byerly’s bakery section makes a pretty terrific one, so we had to get our hands on it.

2016-07-27 15.40.52.jpg

And now for the important part.

SP is getting emotional again.

Back when SP was a child, there was a restaurant in South Minneapolis called Rochelle’s. Even with a little googling, there seems to be very little record of its existence. See, Rochelle’s made what they called, “Turkey Dippers.” Flash-fried in a special fryer, this turkey dippers were the lifeforce of a young SP. But all good things must come to an end. He just didn’t understand in his young brain why a restaurant would close.

Years later, some of the same people opened up shop in Apple Valley, calling themselves Top Notch Turkey. Again, no record of this happening. And despite SP‘s concerted effort, the restaurant still closed. No one but SP wanted those delicious, uncannily amazing breaded and fried turkey “fingers.”

And so SP spent the rest of his life living out this grief with the help of Chicken Fingers to soften the blow. He had a rating system when he was about 9-10 years old of the many different places that had chicken fingers. Among the top was Doolittle’s Air Cafe (as it was once known). He wrote them fan mail to express his love for their chicken fingers and barbecue sauce. When they rebranded as Doolittle’s Woodfire Grill, they still kept chicken fingers on a secret menu just for him and they do TO THIS DAY.

When SPAK moved into this house last July, we heard notice that we’d be getting a Raising Cane’s in the area. Now it’s within walking distance. And for a place that only has 5 things on the menu, you know they have to get each of those pretty damn perfect. Though they don’t have their own barbecue sauce for chicken fingers, as is customary for SP, their Cane’s Sauce is still really good. If you like chicken fingers with honey mustard, go home and reevaluate your life.

2016-07-27 17.38.31

2016-07-27 17.45.37

Oh yeah. Look at that pile of beige.

It’s no turkey dipper. But nothing really is. If former Rochelle’s employees are out there… please get in touch.

Tomorrow is Milk Chocolate Day and Chili Dog Day!


[FHCx166] National Strawberry Shortcake Day/National Bourbon Day

Dessert and drinks!


Strawberry shortcake is different from angel food cake. Don’t even try to make that leap. According to the purists, that is. Basically you start a cake (flour, sugar, milk, eggs, baking stuff) and blend with butter until the mixture is like corn meal. Then you dollop some spoonfuls and make li’l cakes like you would make biscuits. Strawberries help make this cake be better than it is!

BTW, the largest strawberry shortcake ever made was in the Philippines. It weight over 21,000 pounds.

We picked up a strawberry shortcake at Target:

2016-06-14 17.48.49

Wait a sec, gluten-free?! Take it back!

2016-06-14 17.50.18

Nah. It was pretty good anyway.

And our choice of bourbon for the evening:

2016-06-14 17.08.25.jpg

Tomorrow is National Lobster Day!